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A community based journaling experience capturing intentional moments by the public at large, I have three volumes I hope to fill! You are invited to sit and reflect about how your intentions (thoughts and actions) will affect your circle of friends, family and community at large. Read, Write, Draw, Journal - Ritual

Intentional writing is a meditation. We meditate on the patterns we have created for ourselves daily - those patterns can be shifted through thought that turns into action. Our action develops our character and our character develops our destiny. Working together to create the life we the people want to live is a daily practice.

The book travels with me on my journeys. I also sell smaller sustainable eco friendly Intention Journals that you can invest in - look in my shop!

Earth & Spirit Center Summer Camp, Louisville KY 2019
Sideway Chalk Mandala Making
30' x 30'
Mindful Meditation - Youth Workshop Series
Youth Group Workshop
40' x 10' x 1'
Parkland Totem, Louisville KY
Mixed Media / Found Objects
2' x 2' x 14'
The Intention Book - Community Interactive Travel Project
Archival Paper Book
12" x 8" x 3"