Studio process Shot, Urbana IL 2021
Paper construction of a piece for current exhibition March 2022 production. I'm using sardine cans as molds, pouring plaster using plasticine to create holding spaces inside the mold for beeswax and botanicals. This is a visual system representing the narrative and connections between technology, science and the natural world system - how we must use all three to find our way out of our climate crisis. I am looking for the right shape (diamond) to process the portrait style cans in a system.

I create with the intention for mindful social change with a focus on the art of inner listening for authentic creative practice. My practices are public art, interactive art, installation, sculpture, printmaking and finding the precise found object to match the concept. I’m inspired by the natural world, its rhythms, living patterns and the magic of self-assembly and the magic of the find.

I am also fascinated by human made systems with an emphasis on symbols and codes that show the disconnect from our own intrinsic natural rhythms. I explore the idea of the circle as an archetype, a symbol of wholeness and interconnectivity in wood and plaster. Creating patterns with the circle in a variety of scales and using molds or engineering sculptural systems to weave materials together. The emphasis of the white plaster creates a natural yet women-made portrait holding space for wax and botanicals

Along with art making I facilitate Mandala Art Practices in conjunction with mindfulness. I am also intentional space designer promoting wellbeing and self-actualization. I make altars that intuitively clarify a space. I create harmony and placement with my art and plaster sculptures, natural materials; fiber and textile.

I hope for peace, justice and an equitable future for all.