Installation > Purple Pyramid

The installation was conceived in 2016 for a yoga retreat in bluegrass hills of Kentucky. I wanted to use the pyramid shape to create a place where folks could gather and explore space and time in the safety of an ancient form. The pyramid holds primordial energy as the Egyptians believed it was a mound from which the earth was created.

In several locations where the PPI has been installed folks entered through the corner openings, reclined and explored the centerpiece as the focal point. During the 2018 Borjk Ball at Art Sanctuary in Louisville KY the centerpiece was a fountain that contained magnetic purple sand to play with while a suspended projection of a Borjk video emanated from the center onto the sand. Everything is purple!

I use materials like yarn and cords to create wall systems for each side of the pyramid - each wall is attached at the top in the center by rings and is then suspended in the trees or by tall ceilings. Each exterior pyramid wall is surrounded with a small forest of rock, white and purple glittery plants, lights and feathers are hung by the cords to soften.

The color purple represents royalty and is said to evoke peace, creativity and wisdom - I use it throughout this piece in all its elements to saturate and immerse the entire experience in the color purple.

The entire installation can be built on a low lying platform 2’ x 12’ x 12’ or 2’ x 14’ x 14’. It requires a suspended ceiling minimum 12’ to 14’ ( interior ) but can be suspended in trees 20’ to 30’ feet. Use for exterior spaces will need a canopy incase of rain. The idea is to feel the sense of walls by stringing cords at least ¼” apart and folks can actually touch it by gently strumming. The current pyramid is made with yarn but I want to make it with monofilament. All installations are lit with purple fairy lights. Electricity is needed for illumination.

Installation for events, festivals - corporate and residential.
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