• waxing station oct 31 | 457/600 | beeswax
    I started working with beeswax four years ago. Beeswax is a lovely material with many sensory aspects - its essentially bee poop but an amazing building material and a filler - I have used it with plaster for several years now. Warm, soft and pliable the play between the liquid and solid states makes for a sensory process.

    I dip the botanicals, paint and pour the wax - textures and build up is very sculptural. I look forward to seeing what this material wants to tell me. I will explore it as a glue for lighter weight fibers as a sculptural medium. The warm color is such a visual delight - the aroma has a homey feel.

    I'm using the waxed botanicals as a beautiful botanical system. I'm experimenting with using the leaves to create a larger scale image ( as fill in ) or a abstract wall installation. The leaves can be hand warmed and applied to the wall. I'm exploring other botanicals.

    I harvested from a a maple tree in Champaign, IL - the leaves were pressed and then waxed. The work is very meditative.

  • S-can mold white plaster 2021 | Frankfort KY Exhibition 2022

    S-can mold white plaster 2021 | Frankfort KY Exhibition 2022

    This tiny plaster mold (Sardine can) 6" x 3/4" is part of a greater system - I am using sardine cans to generate a wall installation. I am astounded by global systems that serve for a time, become broken and we are back to the drawing board of how to satisfy our needs, wants and desires without destroying the earth. How we can make new connections between, technology, science and the natural world and generate narratives to ask the hard questions of what works and what needs to be transformed. Holding and preserving what is most important and letting go of what does not serve.

  • Morse Code in Plaster Panel Frankfort Exhibition KY 2022

    Morse Code in Plaster Panel  Frankfort Exhibition KY 2022

    The panel is created from a table leg I reclaimed from a table. I am always searching for frames or molds to generate my plaster pieces. This is one of two panels. I choose to use them as panels to emphasis their importance as message of hope and commandments. Because of the state our earth is in it will take commandments to organize and follow to create a new paradigm. The morse code reads Panel #1 - Save theEarth" #2 SaveOurselves" - At this stage the piece is about half way completed. More carving, added layer of white medium over the wood and a final coat of beeswax as a symbol of preservation. The holes in the plaster were made by constructing plasticine clay molds. I slide them out of the plaster and it will either create a holding space or a hole. I wanted to create an empty space hole to remind us that we could be looking through into a not so distant furure of the 6th Mass Extinction, if we don't change our ways.