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Compassionate Lotus Wall Installation
Compassionate Lotus Wall Installation
Plaster, Pigmented Wax, Gum Arabic Prints
6' x 1.5"

The Compassionate Lotus is made with over 350 plaster floral buds and printed with a transfer Gum Arabic method botanical print. I applied these small 1” x 1.25” plaster pieces one by one to a six-foot circular center area of the wall installation at a local wellness center in Louisville KY.

I reclaimed a plastic tray that stored frozen appetizers - casting 350 small plaster forms created beautiful little floral buds. One by one I used a gum Arabic transfer printing method to print a botanical series on the face of the plaster pieces. After installing the plaster pieces that created the center of the lotus I painted the pedals around the center pieces with pigmented wax.