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ISEEU Interactive Mobile Art Platform ::: 1619 Flux Art +Activism, Louisville KY 2018
The Intention Experience - A Mobile Public Art Platform
Reclaimed Recovered Vinyl Chair, Umbrella, Grass Rug
10' x 10' x 8'

The Intention Experience is a mobile multimedia platform for social change. The platform invites individuals to contribute from the heart anonymously which is then recorded and stored in the Living Archive Series - a collection of digital and creative formats. This interpretive experience collects, saves and honors our shared humanity.

The Intention Experience Platform aims to go nationally mobile to grow the Living Archive Series. The archive is made up of multimedia components that capture anonymous expressive mindful moments including voice, soundscapes, moving image, writing and drawing. The experience is accessible, inclusive and will be hosted in spaces at the national public libraries and will grow in content and volume as it tours.

The installation component is made up of a repurposed recliner, a ten-foot umbrella and a tuft of fake grass. This sacred place is where truth can be heard, seen and felt while seated on ISEEU graphics of the Declaration of Human Rights. Under the umbrella, a natural sound booth, its underside is also used as a moving image backdrop, a simple setting made for a transformative experience to occur for the sitter. Designed to be a safe space to inspire and encourage gentle shifts in long held beliefs that do not serve.

Participants are invited to sit in the recliner to engage in a “pause” moment called “The Art of Listening” - part of the Personal Democracy Practice, a social change toolkit honoring our shared humanity. Learning to “pause” can influence mindful responding. The sitter listens to a sound loop of others sitter’s words mixed with interpretive sound while watching moving images of the natural world. The sitter is then invited to speak, be recorded, write or draw their response to the prompt of “What Matters and how will I adapt?”

Schedule a sitting contact: public platform. (listen)