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TerraHand at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY
TerraHand at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY

Exploring innovative ways to be in sync with the environment through nature-based sustainable art practices, Remi brings together community through mindful and intentional practice to create a giant hand called TerraHand - earthhand.

This modern sculpture is made from an ancient building technique called Cobbing. The cob method is a form of building that takes me back to making mud pies at the foot of a giant oak tree in PA. With soil, sand and straw any kind of construction can be made “lump” by lump – that will form a large clay structure that basically turns into rock.

I built around a 5'x5'x6.5 concrete armature that was mortared with cob and perched atop a limestone mound that Remi created that rose out of the earth to meet the TerraHand making a place for reflection and connection to the earth.

"We come from the earth and we return to the earth."

I used a limestone ½’ - 1’ plaster to seal and protect the cob and embedded in the palm the TerraHand is the symbol representing universal rhythm - the spiral - for the hand to hold – the holder and the held, no beginning – no end.

The TerraHand is a place to encourage mindful conversation of climate justice a mindful engagement with others, self and the earth. Together we can find innovative ways to rebuild and restore the damages already made to the planet and support future conservation efforts. Through the use of natural building processes and harnessing creativity we can begin to heal and build on the richness and importance of the imagination and of being fully alive connected to our ancient lineage.