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ZenBones is a series of soft plaster cast sculptures and can also be part of an interactive experience. As I go through the process of creating them I see them as an excavation of time. Each piece is made from gravity pushing on the fabric from pouring. The plasters take on the folds and beauty of being held in the moment. After the plaster is recaptured from the mold they are carved specifically following the shape that came out to be, mostly organic and bone like.

The ZenBones can be displayed on Kentucky Wood or a Sand Tray. Choosing the sand tray is more interactive and will activate the imagination! A sand rake is included in your investment. And by placing other objects in the sand tray will make your own interchangable art experience.

Black, White, Green or Blue sand is provided.

ZenBone Black #1 on Blue -
ZenBone Black #1 on Blue
Plaster, Aluminum, Blue Sand, Wood
24" x 24" x 10"