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Intention Journal - Red Vinyl with Black Twill Strap - tips topped in Beeswax / Black felt Inside
Intention Journal - Red
Red Vinyl + Black Twill Strap / dipped in beeswax / + Black felt
5 3/4" x 9"

Intentional Journal is a handmade flexible refillable Journal the cover is colorful vinyl and black felt inside use for writing, drawing and archiving in my felt lined boxes. ( Mixed Black Box, Black Box, The Natural Box - check them out in my shop)
Each journal has minimal graphics called Star/Sun tracks.

The black twill strap is glued between the vinyl and felt and the ends are dipped in beeswax - the beeswax is fun to handle its so soft and would take a lot of sun for it to melt!

When your ready refill with packs of three hemp Leaflets also for sale in my shop. The pages are staple free and boundless Hemp Heritage Paper made here in the states at Greenfield Papers.

Forget about keeping a bunch of hardback journals - just archive your special papers with your handwritten intentions, dreams or desires!