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Water Altar - Small Space Wall Installation / Hallway, Alcove, bathroom, closet,
Water Altar
Interior paint
24" x 24" x 10"

Intentional Space Design

As an intentional creative practitioner for residential dwellings and day-to-day business spaces I provide art services that will harmonize a space. I intuitively assess each space for intentionality of placement, color and design that will translate into a place of peace and stilness.

My artwork and creative services display and integrate harmonizing tools and symbols such as; water, earth, fire, metal, stone and color to magnify the essence of a place. Along with the 3D design work I create murals using earth based imagery and medicinal plant life for encouragement and inspiration - small or large scale - including stairwells.

The murals and small altar spaces integrate naturally into any interior environment or exterior garden space. I love working with intentional spaces including yoga and wellness studios and counseling centers, but limited too. I will transform small nooks, entry/exit ways, thresholds, meditation rooms, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces with interactive natural design.

I love story making and interaction so I will include my artworks into an installation using; sand trays, Yin Vessels, mats and fabric and natural materials.

These intentional spaces will take you into the present moment to pause and be still – before you move on!

A ritual moment for you and all of life.

Contact to schedule a zoom session: remicreative11@gmail.com