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Earthworks - TerraHand is an Earth Chair Hand.
Terrahand - processing the fingers
COB method, clay, sand,hay
6'x 5' x 5'

The COB method is about your material ratio and mixing your materials properly. I processed the dirt to determine how much clay was in the dirt at JSP and then followed a science formula that helped me determine the clay content. Best clay, sand ratio - 60 clay / 40 sand.

I basically set up a construction site for processing COB. JSP had everything I needed - Easy Up Tents, a mortar mixer, shovels, lots of tarps and dirt!

Everyday that I processed COB I would make at least two loads of dirt (clay), sand, hay and water - I formed mud patties that would then be pounded into each other as I built the sculpture. I had to find gloves for pounding - found them at Lowes. I felt like I was in training for boxing.