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My Dharma Series - a meditation - chop wood, sand wood, glue wood
My Dharma Wheel
Wood + Stain

My Dharma Series is a meditation series – chop wood ::: sand wood::: glue wood

This archetypal circle represents universal self-assembly – as I self-assemble my art comes alive. Dharma is an Eastern Indian term that refers to the order that makes life and the universe possible. My Dharma is my art and the process that I go through to make it possible. This concentric and radius layered structure – four layers in all is made from of 1/8” pieces of pine wood, over 2,000 – the natural patterns on the wood were then stained. I wanted to use an alternating concentric and radius system to engineer a strong and beautiful structure. My Dharma reminds me to attend to my deepest intentions to create and bring art into the world.

These structures can be suspended or be altered to hang on the wall. I light coat of linseed oil should be applied every year to keep it strong.